Where do second hand boxes come from?

We often get asked this question as many people aren’t familiar with the business of second hand boxes. Fortunately, we’re experts in the field having been involved with second hand boxes since 1992 and we’re happy to give a brief overview of the process to help satisfy that curiosity. Would that be of any interest?

Re-use is one of the best ways to help the environment as it reduces waste and conserves energy, water, and other resources that’d be required to make new cardboard boxes. You can play a part in helping the environment whenever you buy second hand boxes.

These days many businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits of reuse and are looking for ways to dispose of their waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

At Boxes For Business, we proudly help businesses solve this problem by providing a tailored service for collection of good reusable boxes, and where agreed,  businesses can also deliver their good used cardboard boxes to our warehouse for processing.

Why do businesses have excess boxes?

This can be for a variety of reasons, such as where businesses import products that come in cardboard boxes. Once their products are unpacked they have to dispose of the leftover boxes, knowing it’s best not to throw them into general waste where they’ll just end up in landfill. Other times, companies have production lines where various items are unpacked along the way. Often these items come in cardboard boxes and once again the business has to dispose of these after they’ve finished with them.

On occasion, a business’s operations may change leaving them with the problem of obsolete boxes that are no longer suitable. Human error also comes into play as sometimes people order the wrong quantity or size or even the wrong print, and they then have to organise to dispose of the boxes they can’t use. Our service helps alleviate some of the stress that occurs in such circumstances. Wouldn’t that be good?

We come across these kinds of scenarios on a regular basis and we’re able to provide a responsible solution, which regularly makes people happy. We usually deal in bulk boxes, which are stacked on pallets or sometimes stored in bins or cages. We encourage businesses as much as possible to separate different kinds of boxes from one another.

Perhaps you’ve got a business that needs to dispose of bulk cardboard boxes? Contact us to discuss whether we can offer a handy solution.

What do we do with the boxes we receive?

We carefully inspect all our second hand boxes to sort out the good from the bad, and to make sure all the boxes are organised by size, so that like boxes are kept together.

Good reusable boxes are stacked neatly onto pallets and stored in our warehouse ready for sale. Our aim is to supply quality second hand boxes to all our clients. Check out our online shop for second hand boxes.

Any boxes that are damaged or aren’t suitable for reuse are either baled or stacked onto pallets and taken to be recycled where the process starts all over again. 

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