Where do second hand boxes come from?

We often get asked this question, as many people aren’t familiar with the business of second hand boxes. Fortunately, unlike most box or packing supplies companies in Australia, we’ve been experts in the second hand box industry since 1992; and we’re happy to share some insights to satisfy that curiosity. Would that be helpful?

The benefits of reusing boxes

Reusing cardboard boxes is a great way to support environmental conservation. It not only reduces packaging waste but also saves the energy, water, and other resources and materials needed to make new cardboard boxes. By choosing secondhand cartons, you’re playing a significant role in protecting our planet.

These days, the push towards sustainable practices is stronger than ever, with many businesses seeking environmentally responsible ways to dispose of their packaging waste. Boxes For Business is proud to assist by offering a tailored service for collecting quality reusable boxes, and where agreed, businesses can also drop off their good used boxes to our Sydney warehouse for processing, where our dedicated team excel in repurposing cartons for a variety of uses, including packing, storage and delivery.

Why do businesses have excess boxes?

There are numerous reasons why businesses might find themselves with excess supplies of boxes. Whether it’s due to importing products packed in cardboard boxes, or having production lines that generate a steady stream of used boxes, the end result is the same: surplus boxes that shouldn’t just be thrown away. Changes in operations or services, human error in ordering, delivery mishaps, leftover moving boxes or simply having obsolete packing cartons, can all contribute to this surplus.

Our Sydney service aims to alleviate some of the stress that occurs in these situations. Wouldn’t you prefer to save yourself the hassle?

We regularly encounter these kinds of scenarios and offer a responsible solution that makes people happy. Boxes For Business in Sydney typically receives bulk boxes which are stacked on pallets or sometimes stored in bins or cages. We encourage businesses who supply these to us, to separate different kinds of boxes from one another, to facilitate reuse.

What do we do with the cardboard boxes we receive?

Upon receiving secondhand cartons our guys carefully inspect them to separate the usable from the unusuable, ensuring all the good boxes are organised by size and shape, so that like boxes are kept together. Even if cartons have printing or tape on them, they can still be useful.

Once we’ve completed this sorting process, the good reusable boxes are neatly stacked onto pallets and stored as stock in our warehouse, ready for sale.

Our aim is to supply our customers with quality secondhand cartons, whilst also offering them a way to save money and contribute to environmental conservation. Our web store simplifies your purchases by offering a wide range of cost effective secondhand cartons which customers can order online, and if you’re in Sydney you can also get your boxes delivered.

Boxes that are damaged or otherwise unfit for reuse are either baled or stacked onto pallets and taken to be recycled where the process starts anew.

How can you contribute to the cycle of reuse?

Contributing to the cycle of reuse is easier than you might think and is incredibly impactful for our planet.

If your business frequently ends up with a stock of surplus cardboard boxes, setting up a system for collecting and segregating them is a great first step. Treat these excess cartons as valuable commodities that can fulfill another’s packaging needs, rather than as packaging waste to be discarded.

Boxes For Business offers a specialised service to collect or receive these boxes at our Sydney warehouse, promoting a responsible and efficient reuse process.

Moreover, for businesses in search of sustainable packaging solutions, opting for second hand boxes is an excellent way to reduce their environmental footprint, as well as manage pricing efficiently. Using secondhand cartons demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, appealing to a growing base of eco-conscious consumers.

Remember, every business has the potential to make a difference. By participating in the cycle of reuse, your company is not just saving costs but also contributing to a healthier planet. Let’s think outside the box and work together towards a more sustainable future.

Perhaps you’re part of a business seeking to dispose of bulk cardboard boxes? Our friendly staff are here to help explore practical solutions. Why not contact us now?

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