Sydney packaging supplies with outstanding service

Unfortunately, some Sydney packaging supplies companies seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word service.

What is customer service?

“Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.”

And it’s not just packaging supplies companies who are forgetting this. Too many businesses, both in Sydney and beyond, are only concerned about making the sale rather than considering the personal interaction and welfare of the people they’re actually there to help. Imagine that!

Perhaps you’ve experienced poor service in the past?

Maybe it was even from a packaging supply company in Sydney?

Doesn’t poor service suck?

Poor service can come from sales people who seem uninterested or dismissive. It can come from people who don’t get back to you or perhaps from deliveries that don’t turn up on time. It could be that people don’t let you know what’s going on or communicate if there’s a problem. Or it could be that people don’t seem to care or even that they’re just plain incompetent.

No matter how it comes, poor customer service can be really frustrating, can’t it?

You could even say, it sucks.

Wouldn’t you prefer outstanding service?

At Boxes For Business in Sydney our aim is to provide quality cardboard boxes and packaging supplies together with outstanding customer service, which means plenty of happy customers. Of course we don’t expect you to believe this just because we say so. Check out our client testimonials to see what our customers say.

Basically, customer service is just a fancy way of referring to how a business treats people, good or bad, and for us it’s an important expression of our values.

We have posters up in our Sydney office as constant reminders of what our customer service involves. Our posters say simple things like,

  • Smile
  • Treat Others as you want them to treat you, and
  • Do what we say we will do

To us, these are not just meaningless words on a wall to make people feel good, instead, they’re intended to be descriptions of our actions.

Despite this, we’re the first to admit we’re not perfect. Occasionally we do make mistakes and get things wrong – after all we’re only human. Although mistakes are not commonplace, when they do occur we use them as opportunities to learn and improve and most importantly, we do our best to make it up to people. Something we’ve discovered many businesses are unwilling to do, including those within our industry who provide packaging supplies, without much service. The truth is, admitting mistakes is an essential part of providing outstanding customer service because then you can actually do something about it.

Because you’re important 

Outstanding customer service not only means knowing your stuff, it also means showing a genuine interest and generally treating people with respect, because people are important.

If you’re in Sydney and you need cardboard boxes or packaging supplies we’d love the opportunity to be able to show you how we do business . . . but the balls in your court

Why not put us to the test, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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