Second Hand Boxes

Extra eco-friendly & easy on the budget

Our second hand boxes are cardboard boxes that have either been previously used and are in good condition, or are boxes that are unused but were considered obsolete or seconds by their original owners. Some of our supplies are ongoing and others are more limited or one offs.

Would it help to know something about the boxes before you buy them?  We’re satisfied we’ve provided ample information to help with your decision.

Printed or Plain

Most of our second hand boxes have printing on them. Printing can include product information, brand names, freight details and other relevant particulars. Some of our second hand boxes are plain and others are almost plain. Almost plain boxes are usually plain except for labels, stickers or small codes.


The strength of a box is usually determined by the weight and thickness of the cardboard in the box, as well as the number of layers of corrugation. Our boxes are often referred to as single wall, double wall, and occasionally triple wall. This wall reference refers to the number of corrugations in the cardboard, e.g.  A double wall box has two layers of corrugation and will usually provide more impact protection, and tend to be stronger, than a single wall box. You’ll be glad to know this kind of information is readily available on our site – which is very helpful if you want to buy second hand boxes.


Are you concerned about quality?

We carefully check all our second hand boxes to ensure they’re in good condition and that any overly damaged or otherwise unusable boxes are removed from supply – which should help ease your mind.


Would you like to know how our second hand boxes can help you?

Second hand boxes often cost less than similar quantities of equivalent new cardboard boxes, which means more money in your own pocket.


Using second hand boxes reduces the need to manufacture new boxes and reduces consumption of energy and water as well as keeping waste out of landfill. Re-use is one way to help reduce your carbon footprint.


Second hand boxes are an ideal way to disguise what your packing and to help reduce theft.


Our cardboard boxes come flat packed for ease of storage and transport.


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