New Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

An economical & eco-friendly means of packing

We proudly stock regular supplies of standard cardboard boxes. They’re commonly referred to as RSC’s, which means they’re rectangular or square in shape and have flaps top and bottom.


The weight and thickness of the cardboard used to make a box helps determine its strength, as does the thickness and number of layers of corrugation. Single wall boxes consist of one layer of corrugation sandwiched between two flat liners of cardboard and double wall boxes consist of two layers of corrugation. Do you want to make an informed buying decision?
To assist you, many of these strength factors are indicated on our website – so you can feel more confident about your choice. Visit our Online Shop to choose the best new cardboard boxes for you.


Do you like good quality?

You’ll be pleased to know that all our new cardboard boxes are made from quality materials and are kept in good condition ready for use. Due to the way cardboard boxes are transported, pallets of flat packed boxes occasionally receive scuff damage from forklifts. This is unavoidable and doesn’t generally affect the overall quality of the boxes. 


Would you like to know some of the advantages of our new boxes?


Cardboard boxes are one of the most economical means of packing a range of different products.


Cardboard boxes start from trees which are renewable resources, and more importantly, can be recycled and reused, which means you can make a positive impact on the environment.

Plain & Clean

All our stock of new cardboard boxes are plain and clean and ready to use, so you can pack your stuff with ease.


Our cardboard boxes come flat packed for ease of storage and transport.


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