pallet pads | Why 100’s of industries use pallet pads to increase efficiency & save money


100% Recyclable Pallet Pads

Cardboard pallet pads are usually made from recycled cardboard; they’re lightweight and are themselves 100% recyclable which means the environment can breathe a sigh of relief. Pallet pads can also be known as pallet liners or cardboard pallet sheets.

Benefits 100’s of industries

Pallet pads are used in many different industries including printing, signage, paints, healthcare and lots more. In fact, just about anyone or any business with goods to pack or stack can benefit from using pallet pads.

Would you like to know how pallet pads help?

Pallet pads are normally used to cover the bottom of pallets to protect products from damage caused by things like splinters, nails, moisture and grime, which means your products can stay in good condition. Pallet pads also help keep products clean and free from dust so they’ll look just as good as when they were packed.

Pallet pads are frequently used for separating products into different layers for more efficient distribution, which ultimately means cost savings. And using pallet pads between layers can also help give the pallet extra stability and prevent uneven stacking, which helps avoid tumbles and increases safety during storage and transit.

When placed on the top of pallets of goods, pallet pads can help deter theft as well as provide protection when pallets are being stacked on top of one another, which means you save money on both fronts.

Pallet pads made from corrugated cardboard can even be used as general packaging by folding the cardboard along the corrugation lines and then folding around your products. It’s a simple way of protecting your goods and you can fold the cardboard to suit your need, which means they’re suitable for more than just one type of product.

Overall, cardboard pallet pads provide a cost effective and convenient means for many businesses and industries to protect their products, be more efficient and to save money while they’re at it. All helpful to a successful business – right?

Where can you get pallet pads?

At Boxes For Business in Sydney we regularly supply cardboard pallet pads to a range of different businesses, and the good thing is we usually have them in stock. Our pallet pads come on pallets of 500 and many companies buy multiple pallets of pallet pads at a time to take advantage of the bulk savings, but you’re welcome to buy a part pallet if you don’t need that many. Next time you need pallet pads, click this link for easy online ordering.

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