Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right product

How do you measure a box?

We go by internal dimensions in order of Length x Width x Height.

If the box was assembled, the length refers to the longest internal horizontal measurement, the width is the shorter horizontal measurement and the height refers to the inside vertical measurement of the box. Easy, isn’t it?

Will your boxes be strong enough to pack my items?

It depends on what you’re packing, and how you’re storing and sending the boxes out, once packed. In general,
(a) Sturdier cardboard will provide more vertical support.
(b) Thicker cardboard will provide more side impact protection.
(c) Packing boxes to their capacity reduces the risk of boxes crushing when weight is placed on top. Some of our packaging supplies, such as void fill and butchers paper, are capable of filling empty space.
(d) If packing solid items, such as cans, they can support themselves and will therefore provide extra support for the box, if other boxes are stacked on top.
(e)The more boxes, or pallets of boxes, you’re stacking on top of each other, the stronger the box needs to be.
To make your choice easier we’ve given a rough guide on our website as to the strength of each box, as well as the thickness of the corrugated cardboard and number of layers of corrugation. This information should help, wouldn’t you say?

Are your second hand boxes in good condition?

Yes. Many second hand cardboard boxes have been used before, so they will have some wear in comparison to a brand new box. However, all our second hand boxes go through our careful selection process to remove any boxes not suitable for resale. This helps ensure the boxes you receive are in good condition and should help ease any uncertainty you might otherwise have had.

Do you have any plain second hand boxes?

Yes, sometimes we do. Alternatively, we classify some of our second hand boxes as ‘Almost Plain’, which usually means they only have a small code or a label on the side. Would you like to know how to make some of these boxes appear totally plain? Simply put your own label over the top of the existing label and it looks the same as a plain box. All our new cardboard boxes are plain, so you can also choose from any of them.

Can I come over and see what boxes you have available?

Yes, we’re here to help. However, to save time we recommend browsing our website first, to narrow down what you need. We suggest making an appointment, or calling before you come, to make sure someone is available to help you. We’ll happily attend to you as soon as possible but sometimes we’re busy performing other duties and we don’t want you to have to wait around too long.

Do you have any boxes that will pack a certain size or quantity of my products?

It’s important to know the size of what you’re packing. Are you able to stack your items together, in the way you want them to go inside the box? If so, measure the outer perimeter and that will give a good indication of the size of the box you need. You can then check out our website to help you find the right box.

We can't find a box to fit our goods, do you have any other products that might do the job?

Yes, we have a range of packaging supplies suitable for packing many items. Would you like to find out more? Check out our product pages; in particular our supplies on a roll, such as single face corrugated cardboard, protective foam or bubblewrap which are great for effectively wrapping and protecting a variety of items.

Our current packaging tape keeps peeling off our boxes. Do you have any tape that will stick?

Most likely. Some cheaper tapes don’t stick well to cardboard, especially recycled cardboard, because the adhesive in the tape is lower quality. This can be very frustrating. It’s likely that the tape you currently have is a cheaper variety. We recommend choosing a packaging tape with premium quality rubber solvent adhesive, which sticks much better to cardboard. It may cost more initially, but you’ll have far fewer problems in the long run.


How much are your boxes and packaging supplies?

Product prices are listed on our website. Prices exclude GST, currently 10%. Quantity discounts are often available. If the quantity you want is larger than what’s listed, please contact us for a quote.

Why do some boxes cost more than others?

The price of a box is usually based on the amount and quality of cardboard in the box, as well as the quantity purchased.
Would examples help to explain some of the reasons why price varies?

(a) Size Larger boxes usually cost more than smaller boxes.
(b) Shape Wider boxes usually cost more than narrower boxes.
(c) Thickness Thicker corrugated cardboard usually costs more than thinner cardboard.
(d) Cardboard Grade Stronger cardboard usually costs more than weaker cardboard.
(e) Quantity The price per box often decreases as the quantity you buy increases.
(f) New vs second hand New boxes usually cost more than equivalent second hand boxes.

Why is your competitor offering similar products at a cheaper price?

Perhaps they’re not offering exactly the same things that we are. If our products cost more than our competitors there’s often a very good reason. When doing price comparisons, it’s important to consider

(a) Quality Compare the quality offered by our competitor with our product. For example, the cardboard grade on our competitor’s boxes may be weaker than ours, or the adhesive on their packaging tape may be less sticky. You want to avoid a cheaper quality product that doesn’t do the job properly, don’t you?
(b) Quantity Compare the quantity you need to buy from our competitor with what you’d buy from us. The price per item often reduces as you buy more. If you’re not comparing the same purchase quantity you may get price variations. In addition, packaging products on a roll can come in different widths or lengths, and if you’re not comparing the same size rolls the price may differ.
(c) Level of service Compare the reliability and communication offered by our competitor. Poor service can lead to extra hassle and delays which can add to your overall costs, right? In contrast, we focus on giving great service which means better overall value and less stress.
(d) Stock availability Find out whether our competitor has stock readily available. Many of the boxes and packaging supplies on our website are kept in stock, which means you can have them sooner. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for boxes that are available when you need them, rather than bear the extra costs of delays.

Isn't it cheaper to get boxes and packaging supplies from China?

If all you consider is the price per item then sometimes this is true. However, other factors can come in to play which can add to your costs , your time and your frustrations.
(a) Quality We’ve had customers who’ve gone to the trouble of buying stuff from China only to be disappointed by the quality they received. Would you rather avoid being in that situation?
(b) Delays You usually have to wait longer and need more patience if you get products from China as there’s a lot more transport and logistics involved. Boxes and packaging supplies often have to be sent in shipping containers and go through customs, which all takes time. Delays can be costly, especially if it means you can’t pack and get your products out. Wouldn’t you prefer a quicker turnaround?
(c) Mistakes If there’s any issues with your order, it’s much harder and takes longer to get these sorted out. You can’t easily send a container back to China, and you’re going to have to wait all over again if you need a replacement order. This could be very irritating. Wouldn’t you prefer to sort problems out quickly and easily? Dealing locally helps. Overall, China is a greater risk.

Can't I just go to the local supermarket or hardware store and get boxes for free?

If any old box will do, you can sometimes collect a few random boxes from these places. However, there’s no guarantee they’ll have what you’re looking for and you’re unlikely to get boxes all the same size. Many supermarkets usually recycle their boxes anyway. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a wider choice where you’re more likely to get what you want? We have a broad selection of cardboard boxes that are of consistent sizes. This helps to make packing and transport more efficient because you can pack each box the same way, and the boxes will stack neatly both at your premises and during transport.


I want to return my purchase, what do I do?

We’re delighted to offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all stock products listed on this website, unless stated otherwise. During this time, if you’re not totally satisfied you can return the products in their original condition, unused and undamaged and we’ll give you a refund on those products, excluding any delivery associated fees or collection costs if required. Since the price per item is usually based on the quantity purchased, a price adjustment per item may also apply where only part orders are returned.

The products I received are damaged. What do I do?

Relax, if any product you collect or that we delivered within Sydney, is faulty or damaged upon receipt, then please notify us in writing within 7 days and we’ll either replace or refund you for the goods.

Do you buy boxes back after we've finished with them?

Not usually, because the time and costs involved often outweigh the benefits. Many people happily continue to use the boxes they’ve bought for storing various items, or they offer them to others. Failing that, our boxes can be recycled and should be able to go out with all your other cardboard or paper recyclables.



Do you do back orders?

It depends on the circumstances. For new products, we aim to fulfil your order as soon as we’re able. Sometimes we don’t have sufficient stock to complete your order straight away. If that’s the case we may supply some products now and some later. However, no back orders are available for second hand boxes. If you can’t find the box you want you’ll need to search for a suitable alternative or wait to see if we get that particular box into stock at a later date.

Can I take part of my order now and part later?

If we have the stock available, then for efficiency and cost sake, each order is completed as a whole, rather than part now and part later. We don’t have the storage space to store part orders until a later date.  If however, you’ve placed an order online and we don’t have all the stock at that time, don’t worry, we’ll do our best to complete your order as soon as possible and this may involve supplying your order in parts. 

Can I have a repeat of my last order?

Yes. If the items are available and we have all the relevant details on record, then you’re most welcome to place a repeat order. Even if we don’t have the same products and don’t have your records on file, we’re happy to try and find the right solution for you, so it’s a win for you either way, isn’t it?

Why is there a delay with my order?

We aim to please our clients by getting orders prepared and/or delivered as soon as possible. However, occasionally delays can occur. Reasons include,
(a) Delivery Schedule To be efficient and to keep costs down, we usually deliver to different areas on different days of the week. There might be a short wait before we get to your area. Do you need your order more urgently? You’re welcome to pick up, or alternatively, pay extra for priority delivery to get your order sooner.
(b) Out of stock Occasionally, due to various situations, such as peaks in ordering patterns, we may run out of stock of a particular item which causes a delay. Don’t worry, if this happens we’ll notify you to see whether you prefer to,
(i)  Wait for your order
(ii) Select an appropriate alternative
(iii) Cancel your order and obtain the relevant refund
(c) Product requires ordering A portion of our products are usually ordered in as required, and in these cases, there’ll be a short delay. For items where this applies, it may be indicated on our website.

Minimum Order

I’m just after a few boxes and a roll of tape. Do you have any minimum order?

We have a minimum order value of $100+GST for all products listed on our website. This excludes delivery or any hand unload fee. You can choose a combination of boxes and/or packaging supplies to make up this minimum.
If you’re after boxes and tape for moving, you may be pleased to know we have no minimum order at our other website  Or you can come in and purchase from our limited range of removal boxes. We have large, medium and small, and you can buy as few or as many as you like, provided they’re in stock. We recommend contacting us before you arrive to make sure we have what you want.

Why do you have a minimum order?

Boxes and packaging supplies can be bulky and take up a sizeable amount of storage space. Most of our stock is stored on pallets and some is stacked on shelves or racks. It takes time to prepare orders, especially if we need to break open a pallet or move other items to get to the products you want. In order to cover our time and still be able to offer you boxes and packaging at a competitive price, we need to have a minimum order. 

Available Stock

Do you always carry stock of all your products?

Most new products on our website are either stored at our premises or available within a few days. Occasionally we may run out of stock due to large or numerous orders, and we need to top up.
We also update the quantities of our second hand boxes on our website on a regular basis, but as these boxes are second hand, there is no guarantee of ongoing supply.
We keep a constant eye on our stock levels to try and ensure supplies are available when needed. If for whatever reason we can’t supply you what you need at the time you need it, you can choose an appropriate alternative, or if you prefer, we’ll adjust the total, where applicable, and offer you a refund for the difference on the amount you’ve already paid. Do you want to avoid disappointment? We recommend planning ahead as much as possible.


What forms of payment do you take?

Is it convenience you’re after? We offer a variety of payment methods which include credit card, such as Visa and Mastercard. In addition you can pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) if ordering via email or phone, as well as by cash or EFTPOS where agreed, if collecting from our warehouse.

Pick Up

Can I collect my boxes or packaging supplies from your warehouse?

Yes, you’re most welcome to collect boxes or packaging supplies from our warehouse. We recommend checking with us before you come to make sure the products are in stock and that someone is available to help you.

Will everything fit into my car?

It depends on what you order, on the size of your car, and whether or not you have other stuff already in your car when you arrive. Thankfully, some orders will fit into a car. However, many cardboard boxes and packaging items are bulky. For example, large boxes, or packaging supplies such as full rolls of bubblewrap. For these kinds of products you’ll need a larger vehicle. Ideally you’ll have a van, a ute or a truck.  Do you want to avoid wasting your time? We recommend measuring the space in your vehicle before collecting, and then comparing it to the measurements of your chosen products. Product measurements are normally listed on our website. To work out the approximate measurements of cardboard boxes when flattened, you add the length and width measurements together for one direction and the width and the height for the other direction.


Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, under certain conditions.
We require a minimum order of $300+GST worth of products, for free standard delivery within Sydney. This usually requires you to unload us with a forklift and for there to be reasonable access at your premises. If you don’t have a forklift to unload us, we can still deliver but there may be an extra hand unload fee.
If you want to avoid delivery fees you’re welcome to collect your order from our warehouse, but we advise you to organise this with us in advance to make sure everything goes to plan.

When will my delivery arrive?

Where products are available, standard delivery occurs within 7 business days. However, you’ll be pleased to know that in most cases your order will be delivered sooner. We may be able to advise you which day we’re going to deliver. However, we’re unable to give specific delivery times as delays can occur for a variety of reasons and we don’t want to make any false promises.
If you need more certainty you’ll be delighted to know we offer a priority delivery service. Where products are available, priority delivery occurs within 3 business days, sometimes the next business day.
Sometimes delivery delays can occur because some of our products are ordered in as required and sometimes quantities ordered are greater than quantities currently available. If that’s the case we’ll contact you promptly to see what you’d like to do. In any case, we’ll do our best to help supply you whatever we can as soon as we can.

What if your normal delivery options aren't suitable?

Provided we have the stock, you’re welcome to pick up your order from our warehouse during business hours or alternatively you can contact us to see whether we can offer you a more tailored delivery solution. If we can then extra fees may apply for this service
Sometimes delivery delays can occur because some of our products are ordered in as required and sometimes quantities ordered are greater than quantities currently available. If that’s the case we’ll contact you promptly to see what you’d like to do. In any case, we’ll do our best to help supply you whatever we can as soon as we can.

Do you deliver outside of Sydney?

No, not usually, as the costs can be significant.
Our regular deliveries are restricted to Sydney. Cardboard boxes and packaging supplies can be bulky and the transport costs involved in delivering items outside of Sydney can be surprisingly high.  However, you’re welcome to place an order and organise your own transport or collect your order from our warehouse. Please advise us of the details if you choose to do this.

What kind of vehicle delivers our goods?

Our most common size of delivery vehicle is an 8T truck, so there needs to be adequate room at your premises to accommodate this size vehicle. A standard bus is comparable to the size of our 8T truck. Some orders are delivered in smaller vehicles and we sometimes send a courier to do the delivery. Do you want to avoid delays? Wherever possible, please advise us in advance of any special requirements at your site. For example, there may be a loading zone or a height restriction or some other factor which helps determine what kind of vehicle is required for your delivery.

Can you deliver to an upper level of the building?

No. To help keep costs down and prices competitive, our deliveries are usually at ground level. To receive your order, please advise us of an easily accessible location where your boxes or packaging supplies can be left.

We don't have a forklift onsite. Can we receive a delivery?

Yes. Your order is important, right? To satisfy our clients we regularly unload orders of boxes and packaging by hand. However, as it often takes longer and requires more effort, there is usually an additional charge for this service.

We don’t carry Chep pallets and don’t have a Chep pallet account. Can you deliver?

Yes. Although some of our new cardboard boxes are stored on blue Chep pallets we don’t want you to be disappointed. If you notify us at the point of placing your order that you don’t have Chep pallets, we’re able to restack these boxes onto other pallets which don’t require exchange or transfer, and then we can still deliver.

Product Information

Are your boxes flattened?

Yes, all our cardboard boxes come flat packed which means the boxes aren’t assembled. This way they’re easier to handle and take up less space for delivery and storage, which many people appreciate.

Why do some cardboard boxes I've seen elsewhere have a number and letter in their description?

As a rough guide, the numbers and letters used to describe cardboard boxes usually refer to strength and corrugation thickness. Different companies may use different descriptions so our explanation applies mainly to generic industry terms.
The letters refer to the thickness of the corrugated section in between, commonly referred to as the flute. Measurements are only approximate, but some of the most common types of corrugated cardboard in the industry are
C Flute                  4mm thick
B Flute                  3mm thick
A Flute                  5mm thick
R Flute                  2mm thick
BC Flute               6-7mm thick
AC Flute               8-9mm thick
Single letters refer to single wall boxes with one layer of corrugation, and double letters refer to double wall boxes with two layers of corrugation.
Numbers typically indicate the strength of a box and often the lower the number the stronger or heavier the cardboard used. The most common numbers used are 1,3 and 4. For example 1C, 3C and 4C, where 1C is stronger than 3C, and 3C is stronger than 4C.
When it comes to double wall boxes they’re often referred to as 1TC or 3TC, meaning 1 Twin Cushion or 3 Twin Cushion.  Does this make it a little clearer?

Opening Hours

When are you open?

We’re usually open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 2pm on Friday, so there’s plenty of time to contact us if you need to.  We’re open all year round except for weekends, public holidays and surrounding days on some occasions. We also close for about 2 to 3 weeks around the Christmas period. Exact Christmas Closure dates vary from year to year and are confirmed closer to that time.
We don’t want you to be unhappy, so please be aware that if you place an order outside our opening times and dates, we’ll be unable to supply the goods or discuss orders until after we return.

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