Choosing the right cardboard boxes & packaging supplies

Would you like to save time and money and make your job a whole lot easier in the process? With these helpful pointers you’ll be on the right track to doing just that, whenever you buy cardboard boxes and packaging supplies.

How to choose the right boxes

  • Heavy items require stronger boxes that are capable of holding the weight.
  • Smaller boxes are ideal for heavy items as they don’t get too heavy to carry.
  • Boxes being stacked on top of one another need to be stronger to support the extra weight.
  • Boxes that are a close fit for your items help prevent movement and damage within the box.
  • Solid level items, such as cans, provide internal support to a box, so a lesser strength, lower cost box may be sufficient.
  • Boxes with thicker cardboard or extra board corrugations in the walls provide more impact protection.
  • Boxes that are all the same size, are easier to pack, stack and transport.
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How to choose the right packaging products

  • Good quality packaging tape, with rubber solvent adhesive, sticks better to cardboard.
  • Items needing extra protection can be wrapped in bubble wrap or protective foam before being packed into boxes.
  • Products like void fill, butchers paper, and bubblewrap can fill empty space in boxes and help prevent shift and damage.
  • Stretch wrap helps hold everything together on a pallet and provides some weather protection.
  • Heavy items may require strapping to secure them safely during transit.
  • For some items boxes aren’t suitable and it’s more effective to wrap them in single face corrugated cardboard, protective foam or bubblewrap, or perhaps pack them into a padded mailer.
  • Do you want to choose the right packaging supplies?

To help guide you, the product section of our website indicates the relevant details when you want to buy packaging supplies.

More packing tips

  • Pack boxes to their capacity to prevent items shifting and boxes crushing.
  • Fill empty space inside boxes to help pack them to their capacity.
  • Don’t over pack boxes. If they can’t close they may burst open or be unstable when stacking.
  • Pack heavy items on the bottom, so the boxes don’t overbalance.
  • Wrap fragile items before packing, to help provide more cushioning protection.
  • Seal each box securely with packaging tape to contain what’s inside.
  • If wrapping items rather than boxing them, then wrap them well. It’s better to overwrap rather than under wrap.

These valuable tips help ease frustration and can even keep money out of a swear jar!

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