Sydney packaging supplies with outstanding service

Sydney packaging supplies with outstanding service

Sydney packaging supplies with outstanding service

Unfortunately, some Sydney packaging supplies companies seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word service.

What is customer service?

“Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.”

Great customer service means providing clients with professional advice and expertise, before, during, and even after they buy. It demonstrates that a business has a genuine commitment to those who put their trust in it.

Building Relationships with Clients

As clients are nurtured in this way, the more a business becomes known as a brand people can rely on and trust, and the greater the probability that people will shop regularly with them and become loyal repeat customers.

Excellent customer service helps build strong relationships, which benefits all parties involved.

When it comes to boxes and packaging supplies which are a critical factor in a product’s journey, merely setting competitive prices, or being a one stop shop, are not enough.

Packaging companies must build relationships and providing superb service is a key.

Doesn’t poor service suck?

Sadly, customer service is often neglected and it’s not just packaging supplies companies who forget. Too many businesses, in Sydney, Australia and beyond, are only concerned about making the sale rather than considering the personal interaction and welfare of the people they’re actually there to help. Imagine that!

Perhaps you’ve experienced poor service in the past? Maybe it was even from a packaging supplies company in Sydney?

Poor service can come from salespeople who seem uninterested or dismissive. It can come from people who don’t get back to you, or from deliveries that don’t turn up on time. It could be that businesses don’t let you know what’s going on or don’t communicate if there’s a problem, which can easily cost you time and money. Sometimes you even get poor service because you’ve sought too low a price and as a result, you get what you pay for, and people don’t seem to care, or they’re just plain incompetent.

No matter how it comes, poor customer service can be really frustrating, can’t it? You could even say it sucks!

Wouldn’t you prefer outstanding service?

At Boxes For Business in Sydney, we’ve got you covered.

Our aim is to enable businesses to pack, protect and ship products, by providing a broad range of quality cardboard boxes and packaging supplies together with outstanding customer service. This means real solutions for our clients and ultimately plenty of happy customers. Of course, we don’t expect you to believe this just because we say so. View our client testimonials to see what our customers say.

Basically, customer service is just a fancy way of referring to how a business treats people, good or bad, and for us it’s an important expression of our values.

We have posters in our Sydney office as constant reminders of what our customer service involves. Our posters say simple things like,

  • Smile
  • Treat Others as you want them to treat you, and
  • Do what we say we will do

To us, these are not just meaningless words on a wall to make people feel good, instead, they’re intended to be descriptions of our actions. Actions that underpin our brand.

Despite this, we’re the first to admit we’re not perfect. Occasionally we do make mistakes and get things wrong – after all we’re only human. Although mistakes are not commonplace, when they do occur, we use them as opportunities to learn and improve and most importantly, we do our best to make it up to people. Something we’ve discovered many businesses are unwilling to do, including those within the packaging industry who provide shipping boxes and a range of packaging products and accessories, without much service. The truth is, admitting mistakes is an essential part of providing outstanding customer service because then you can actually do something about it.

Because you’re important 

Outstanding customer service not only means knowing your packaging products, it also means showing a genuine interest and generally treating people with respect, because people are important. You’re important!

That’s why we specialise in a wide range of boxes and packaging supplies to help satisfy your packing, shipping, and storage needs. It’s why we’ve made it easy to browse and shop online, and it’s why we offer reliable and fast delivery on our stock of boxes and packaging products. But above all, it’s why we do our best to make sure you’re looked after.

It doesn’t matter whether you need boxes for food packaging or auto parts, whether you’re shipping goods, in need of more storage, or just moving house or office. Whatever it is, when it comes to boxes and packaging supplies, from checkout to delivery, we’re committed to supply quality products in a friendly and professional manner, and that means your needs are covered, and your business is better off.

If you’re in Sydney Australia and you require cardboard boxes or packaging supplies, we’d love the opportunity to be able to show you how we do business . . . but the balls in your court.

Why not check out our product range and put us to the test? You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Why 100’s of industries use pallet pads to increase efficiency & save money

Why 100’s of industries use pallet pads to increase efficiency & save money

Why 100’s of industries use pallet pads to increase efficiency & save money

In the dynamic world of logistics and product handling, cardboard pallet pads, otherwise known as pallet sheets or pallet liners, have become fundamental in boosting operational efficiency and slashing costs across a diverse range of industries.

Known for their environmental friendliness and versatility, pallet pads provide numerous advantages that Australian businesses, large and small, are keen to tap into.

This concise guide delves into the world of pallet pads, exploring their many benefits, applications, and how they contribute to a more efficient and cost-effective workflow.

Understanding Pallet Pads: A Sustainable Choice

Pallet pads, which as previously mentioned are also referred to as pallet liners or pallet sheets, are primarily used for ensuring the protection and integrity of products on a pallet.

Commonly made from recycled cardboard, they’re a great choice for eco-conscious businesses across Sydney and Australia. Their lightweight nature and 100% recyclability not only align with the environmental goals of these businesses but also provide a practical solution for reducing waste and enhancing sustainability in logistics and transport.

Wide-Ranging Applications Across Industries

The versatility of pallet pads (pallet sheets, pallet liners) is evident in their widespread use across hundreds of industries, from healthcare and retail to manufacturing and distribution.

Any business that requires the packing or stacking of goods on a pallet can benefit from the protective layer a pallet liner offers. Whether it’s a small local business in Australia or a large multinational, the use of pallet pads is a testament to their many advantages in keeping products safe and secure during transport and storage.

Protective Measures for Product Integrity

One of the primary functions of pallet pads (pallet sheets, pallet liners) is to protect items on a pallet from potential damage caused by moisture, nails, splinters, and grime.

Placing these liners at the bottom of pallets helps ensure that products remain in pristine condition, free from contact with dust and other contaminants. This protective measure of the pallet liner is essential in maintaining the quality and appearance of goods from the point of packing to the moment they reach their destination, whether that be in Sydney, Australia or beyond.

Enhancing Distribution Efficiency and Stability

Pallet pads (pallet sheets, pallet liners) excel in improving the efficiency of distribution processes.

By facilitating the separation of products into different layers, they enable more compact and stable stacking, which not only optimises space but also reduces transportation costs. The added stability with layers minimises the risk of product displacement and damage during transit, ensuring that items arrive safely and intact.

Security and Protection in Transit

In addition to physical protection, pallet pads (pallet sheets, pallet liners) serve as a deterrent against theft when placed on top of pallets of goods. The presence of a pallet liner can make it more challenging for unauthorised access to products, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

Furthermore, when pallets are stacked, these pads or liners provide cushioning, preventing damage to items on lower pallets and contributing to significant savings by reducing loss and damage claims.

Versatile Packaging Solutions with Corrugated Cardboard

Beyond their traditional use, corrugated cardboard pallet pads (pallet sheets, pallet liners) offer flexible packaging options.

Their design allows for easy folding and adaptation to various product shapes and sizes, providing a custom fit that ensures additional protection. This adaptability makes them suitable for a broad range of products or stock, further underscoring their value to Australian businesses seeking efficient and versatile packaging solutions.

Where to Find Pallet Pads in Sydney

For businesses in Sydney seeking ideal pallet solutions, sourcing high-quality pallet pads (pallet sheets, pallet liners) is easy and straightforward.

At Boxes For Business, we consistently stock pallet pads in bulk, typically available in pallets of 500, designed to accommodate the varied requirements of diverse industries. We offer bulk purchase discounts to provide value, while also making smaller quantities available to suit businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to our user-friendly online ordering system and dedication to outstanding customer service, adding pallet pads to your cart and securing these crucial supplies is more convenient than ever.


In conclusion, pallet pads (pallet sheets, pallet liners) offer a simple yet effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their operational efficiency, protect their products, and reduce costs.

Their environmental benefits, coupled with their versatility and protective qualities, make them an indispensable tool for industries across Australia.

As businesses continue to seek ways to optimise their operations and safeguard their products, pallet pads stand out as a practical, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible choice.

For more information or to add pallet pads to your logistics arsenal, order online today and add pallet pads to your cart, or simply contact Boxes For Business to discover how these innovative pallet solutions can add value and help transform your business operations.

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1120x1120x3mm-Pallet-Pad - 1120x1120x3mm-Pallet-Pad-on-pallet
Ecommerce needs cardboard boxes & packaging more than ever

Ecommerce needs cardboard boxes & packaging more than ever

Ecommerce needs cardboard boxes & packaging more than ever


What is Ecommerce?

“Business that is conducted on the internet”

Ecommerce Trends

Online sales have been steadily increasing year after year and based on current trends are anticipated to continue to grow for years to come. Wouldn’t you like your business to share a part of this growth?

Although not intended to cover every base, the below statistics are just some of many available that show current levels.  However, these figures only take into account the start of 2020, so don’t include the full impact of the Coronavirus pandemic which is bound to have a tremendous effect on the stats for the year.

If you’re involved in business and ecommerce is not already a part of your day to day operations, then perhaps now is the time to start. After all, other statistical analysis also shows that growth may slow in the future as the number of online stores increases, resulting in more competition. Wouldn’t it be good to beat some of that competition right now?

  • “Revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to AU$29,730m in 2020.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 5.0%, resulting in a market volume of AU$36,152m by 2024.
  • The market’s largest segment is Fashion with a market volume of AU$9,904m in 2020.
  • User penetration is 72.8% in 2020 and is expected to hit 78.5% by 2024.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to AU$1,602.18.
  • In the eCommerce market, the number of users is expected to amount to 20.9m by 2024.
  • In the year 2019 a share of 27.6% of users is 25-34 years old.
  • In 2020, 89% of total eCommerce purchases in the country is domestic”

The above statistics sourced from

Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Australia is often referred to as the lucky country and in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic that certainly rings true when we compare ourselves to many other countries. According to Australian government regulations, thankfully many businesses have been able to continue to operate in order to keep our economy going and for many that’s a great relief.

Prior to the Coronavirus some businesses and warehouses already had well-established online sales strategies, whilst others out of necessity have turned towards ecommerce as a way of enabling them to survive and even thrive. As a consequence many businesses are now experiencing the thrill of people buying their products online at a higher than normal rate and some are experiencing this for the very first time.

The spike in demand  due to the Coronavirus means that it’s almost certain that online sales will gain market share and become much more popular in the future.

“Coronavirus is, inevitably, changing the way that we’re shopping — and as more restrictions on movement come into effect, that means a shift away from brick and mortar stores to online catalogues.”

Vital elements of ecommerce

If you’re currently involved in an ecommerce business or you’re contemplating a shift in that direction, it’s highly likely you’ll need to find a convenient and cost effective way to pack and protect your goods.

Cardboard boxes are one of the most economical means of packing; and packaging supplies such as packing tape, bubble wrap and void fill go hand in hand with boxes in order to secure and further protect your goods. And depending on what your business does, you may find that mailing bags are also very useful for sending out smaller items to your precious customers.

Now more than ever, cardboard boxes and packaging supplies are an essential part of many ecommerce businesses. Some might even go as far to say that without these packaging products, a large part of the ecommerce world would come to a grinding halt. Imagine that!

Boxes For Business can help

At Boxes For Business we offer a comprehensive range of cardboard boxes and packaging supplies to help ensure your ecommerce business runs as smoothly as possible.

After all, we offer an online solution ourselves and understand the importance of customers having the convenience of being able to shop online.

With just a few clicks you can chose what you want and easily navigate your way through our simple cart and checkout process.

And more than that, when you deal with Boxes For Business you don’t need to throw your environmental conscience out the window because many of our products such as second hand boxes are eco-friendly and therefore help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Why is our packaging tape peeling off?

Why is our packaging tape peeling off?

Why is our packaging tape peeling off?

Many people think packaging tape is just packaging tape. They assume it’s all the same. However, when you’re running a business you can’t afford to see things that way. Not if you want to keep all your products safe and in one piece, and isn’t that what any business wants?

Tell me more . . .

Packaging tape is used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s one of the most common ways to seal a cardboard box and it’s regularly used to hold all sorts of things together. The most common width of packaging tape in industry is 48mm. There’s tape for use by hand, often combined with a handy tape dispenser and there’s also machine tape which is used with various tape machines. The good thing is, it’s easy to buy packaging supplies such as packaging tape online on our website.

People are often unaware of the differences in packaging tape and end up buying something that’s not suitable for the job they’re doing. Can you imagine that?

Packaging tape consists of a backing film with an adhesive on the surface. The backing film is usually measured in microns and generally the thicker the microns the stronger the tape and the more resistant the tape will be to tearing. However, the stickiness is due to the adhesive. When it comes to packaging tape, there’s three main types of adhesive, and in order of adhesion quality they are – Rubber solvent, Hot Melt and Acrylic, with the best adhesion coming from the Rubber Solvent adhesive.

Where do people go wrong?

Where many people go wrong is that they go for the cheapest because they don’t understand why the rolls at their packaging supply specialist cost more than the rolls at their local supermarket. The cheapest tape is usually the Acrylic adhesive, although price can also vary according to the backing film thickness.

Naturally people want to save money so they buy the acrylic tape unawares, go back to work and start sealing all the cardboard boxes which contain their treasured products. This all seems fine until they send products out and discover that some of the tape is starting to come off, or worse still, they get complaints from their customers because the boxes have come apart in transit and products have been lost or damaged. Wouldn’t you rather avoid these kinds of problems?

Many time’s people don’t understand why the tape is peeling off and are therefore unable to address the problem effectively. We’ve heard many stories like this before.

But we only want to seal up some boxes!

These days, many cardboard boxes are made using recycled material. This is great for the environment and for keeping manufacturing costs down, but it’s not always compatible with the acrylic adhesive used in many cheaper packaging tapes sold these days. You can usually tell the Acrylic tape because the roll appears very clear and transparent, unlike the slightly more opaque colour of the Hot Melt and the honey coloured tone of the Rubber Solvent adhesive tape.

At Boxes for Business we recommend a good rubber solvent adhesive tape for sealing all your boxes. Why not shop for tape now?

Rubber solvent might cost a little more initially but in the long run it’ll save a lot of hassle and potentially save you more money because your boxes of goods will be kept secure. Wouldn’t that be nice? Acrylic tape will stick better to plastics and other surfaces like that, than it will to cardboard, but it’s still not going to have the same adhesion as the rubber solvent tape.

At the end of the day you‘ve got to choose what’s best for you and that’s why we’re happy to share this information, so you can make a more informed decision.

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Choosing the right cardboard boxes & packaging supplies

Choosing the right cardboard boxes & packaging supplies

Choosing the Right Cardboard Boxes & Packaging Supplies for Your Business

Looking to streamline your packaging process, cut costs, and simplify packing for your business?

Our comprehensive range of cardboard boxes and packaging supplies is designed to meet the varied needs of businesses across different industries, making it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

With these helpful tips and our dependable supply and service, you can confidently expect your business packing to run smoothly, which helps ensure your customers are satisfied.

How to Choose the Right Boxes

  • Heavy items require stronger boxes that can hold the weight. Our range includes strong and durable cardboard boxes perfect for Sydney businesses, designed to pack, ship and store your products securely.
  • Smaller boxes are ideal for heavy items as they don’t get too heavy to carry. Our online stock provides easy access to a range of box sizes.
  • When boxes are being stacked on top of one another they need to be stronger to support the extra weight. We supply some sturdy packing boxes which cater to a variety of business and industry needs, helping ensure your items are stacked, stored and delivered safely.
  • Cartons that are a close fit for your items help prevent movement and damage within the carton, offering an economical and effective packaging solution. Our company has a comprehensive selection of cartons to choose from but if you can’t find exactly what you need then custom boxes might be a suitable alternative.
  • Solid level items, such as cans, provide internal support to a box, so a lesser strength, lower-cost box may be sufficient. Our product range includes various options that cater to different industry needs.
  • Boxes with thicker corrugated cardboard or additional layers of corrugation provide more impact protection, an important part of the variety of cartons our company provides to clients seeking superior protection for their products.
  • Boxes that are all the same size, are easier to pack, stack, and transport, one advantage of choosing from our wide selection of packing boxes available online.

How to Choose the Right Packaging

  • Good quality packaging tape, with rubber solvent adhesive, usually sticks better to cardboard, and helps ensure cardboard boxes are securely sealed and stay intact.
  • Items needing extra protection can be securely wrapped in bubble wrap or protective foam before being packed into boxes. Our company regularly supplies these kinds of packaging materials to ensure your products are safeguarded during transport.
  • Products like void fill, butchers’ paper, and bubble wrap can fill empty space in boxes and help prevent shift and damage, all part of our diverse range of packaging products designed to deal effectively with storage and shipping challenges.
  • Pallet wrap helps secure everything on a pallet and provides some weather protection, enhancing the economical and efficient delivery of your products across Australia or even overseas.
  • Heavy or loose items may require strapping to secure them safely during transit. We supply a range of strapping to help meet the different needs of our clients.
  • Consider alternative packaging solutions like cardboard rolls or padded mailers for unique items where traditional boxes may not suit. Flexible options like these are readily available online.

More Packing Tips to Maximise Efficiency and Safety

  • Pack boxes to their capacity to prevent items shifting and boxes crushing, a vital point in maintaining the integrity of your products during storage and transport.
  • Fill empty space inside cartons to ensure a snug fit for your products, utilising our range of packaging supplies for optimum security and efficiency.
  • Don’t overpack boxes. If cardboard boxes can’t close, they may burst open or be unstable when stacking, an important consideration for ensuring your products are ready to ship safely and securely.
  • Pack heavy items in the bottom of the box to prevent boxes from tipping over. Our selection of boxes and packaging offers the durability and strength needed for many such items.
  • Wrap fragile goods before packing to ensure extra cushioning and protection. Our stock includes options specifically designed for safeguarding delicate products, reflecting the high quality standards observed throughout Australia.
  • Seal each box securely with quality packing tape to contain what’s inside, an essential step in your delivery and shipping services and particularly important when transporting goods within Sydney or across Australia.

Leveraging these valuable tips can potentially save costs, reduce frustration, and even keep money out of a swear jar. Sound good?

Our commitment to providing economical, efficient packaging solutions to businesses across Sydney is unwavering. Whether you’re looking to buy boxes online, or access quality packaging supplies, we’re here to deliver.

Explore our product range, tailored to suit the distinct needs of Sydney businesses and their clients, and backed by our outstanding service and support.

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