Fun at Boxes For Business

Fun at Boxes For Business

Funny Business


Doesn’t it feel good to laugh?

At Boxes for Business we take business seriously but we believe it’s possible to have some fun in the process. If we can put a smile on your face, or even better, encourage you to have a laugh, then we all feel great, which makes business better for all of us. Feel free to shop online and in the process, we hope you enjoy.

Unfortunate Business

Once upon a time a couple decided to go into business together. They worked out their business plan and over a period of time put in a lot of hard work and effort to help bring it about. They began operating from their home in Sydney, but their business expanded and it wasn’t long before they needed larger premises. A small warehouse unit would be ideal. This was all very exciting as their dreams were finally starting to be fulfilled. They did a lot of promotion about their move and word got around.

Some of their friends decided to send a bunch of flowers to help commemorate the occasion. The flowers arrived and the business couple were really happy to have such supportive friends. They opened the card to see who the flowers were from and saw that the message inside read “May you Rest in Peace”.

The couple were a little shocked and rang their friend to let them know what the card had said. The friend wasn’t happy and contacted the florist to let them know about the error.

The florist apologised and said how sorry they were for the mistake. However, they pointed out that things could have been far worse. Somewhere nearby a funeral was taking place and they have a bunch of flowers with a card saying “Congratulations on your great new location”

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