Boxes For Business Story

Wow! What a ride!

From a humble home in 1992

Boxes for Business started with great enthusiasm in 1992 and began as a home based business on the north shore of Sydney.  The business was originally known as Reliance Industries NSW and specialised in supplying Sydney businesses with second hand boxes. In those days, living amongst bundles of boxes, and selling from the back of an old Dodge truck was the norm. It might not have seemed much, but at the time it was exciting.

To an old chook shed and Mad Max 2

It wasn’t long before the number of cardboard boxes outgrew the space in the house, so they were moved out to an old chook shed at Oxford Falls in the northern beaches area of Sydney. The extra room was fantastic, but being a chook shed, it meant muddy feet when it rained and extra work to keep all the boxes dry. At that stage the business didn’t have any forklifts, so all the boxes had to be moved around and loaded on and off the truck by hand, which was quite a bit of work. Despite these challenges, the business continued to grow and moved on to an interesting place at Duffys Forest, also in northern Sydney, where it shared the building with some famous old vehicles from the movie set of Mad Max 2. Imagine that!

Settled at Pendle Hill 

The adventure continued, and from Duffys Forest business operations moved a couple more times until settling into the current premises at Pendle Hill in the greater western Sydney region, where it’s headquarters has been for many years. It was at Pendle Hill that the business was first called Boxes for Business, which we feel better describes what we do. Wouldn’t you agree?

Increased Product Range

Over the course of time the business forged strategic alliances within the industry and began supplying new cardboard boxes and a range of packaging supplies. We’re happy to say that our product range has increased significantly since the early days, so we can offer a whole lot more. Shop Now and see.

Investment for growth

The business continued to develop and made a steady progression onto larger or more modern vehicles, such as a brand new Hino Truck. The business also invested in industrial equipment, such as forklifts, cardboard compactors and more. Some of these were decent sized investments which at times made us feel a little nervous, but they helped the business reliably and efficiently handle increasing amounts of cardboard boxes and packaging supplies.  This has meant we can help more people more of the time – which is a good thing, right?

Provided jobs

As the business expanded it also meant more people were needed to keep it running smoothly. Our very first employee was hired back in the 1990’s from a Ford factory we used to deal with, that was closed down. Since then we’ve gladly provided jobs for truck and forklift drivers, warehouse assistants, office clerks, customer service representatives, salespeople and more. Why not Buy Now and put our team to the test?

Pizza on the side

One thing we value is honesty, and pretending everything has always been smooth sailing is just not us. Over the years we’ve made our fair share of mistakes. Sometimes things haven’t gone to plan, occasionally people have got things wrong or there’s been circumstances outside our control, like the time a pizza delivery guy ploughed into the side of our Hino truck. Fortunately, no one was hurt but it did make it harder doing deliveries when our main delivery vehicle at the time, was out of action for a short time.

Making a positive impact

Battling through such trials has only helped make our business stronger and lead us to continually re-evaluate to see if there’s better ways to do things. We love making a positive impact on our valued clients, and where we can, the environment too. We think these are good causes, don’t you?

Like professional boxers

Although we didn’t start out that way we can honestly say that today through all the years of learning, hard work and focus on customer service we’ve developed into true professionals in our industry, who through a play on words, are sometimes referred to as professional boxers, but that’s another story.

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