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Simon’s Story . . .

Simon’s worked his butt off!


Start Young

Simon began his entrepreneurial pursuits as a keen young primary school boy by going door to door in his local neighbourhood offering to rake leaves, put the garbage out or do whatever odd jobs he was capable of doing at the time.

Work Hard

From a young age Simon’s been a hard worker and has never been afraid of getting his hands dirty. Over the years he’s been involved in things like delivering newspapers, worked as a garbage collector and also as a service station manager. As well as that he attended uni for a short time where he began studying accounting and he also went to TAFE to learn the art of signwriting. While these were all great earning and/or learning experiences, having his own business was what he really wanted, so he moved on, in order to pursue that dream. Isn’t it great to have something to work towards?

Pursue a Dream

It started with a humble window cleaning business and soon progressed to his own signwriting business where he served clients like Honda and Vodafone. Technology changed in the industry, and over the course of time Simon went to work for a cardboard box and packaging supply business. Here he was general manager, and gained more valuable business experience. Occasionally that involved mild panic as sometimes things were learnt the hard way – but in the end it was all worthwhile.

Simon ended up taking over that business and he’s worked tirelessly to make it into something he’s really proud of. Shop Now and find out why.

Have fun along the way

With all the hard work, at times Simon’s had to remind himself that it’s also important to take time out and have a bit of fun – after all, just about everyone likes a bit of fun don’t they?

Simon found there’s nothing like the thrill of bungy jumping to get your heart beating and to help keep those butt cheeks tense and in good shape.

Be of good character

Simon’s a committed family man and he believes strongly in the motto “Treat others as you want them to treat you”.

Like to know what others say about Simon?

“Simon’s always been a generous, diligent and faithful workmate and friend.  I know that any transaction with him is going to be ethical and    honest” Christopher Cat, previous Boxes for Business Employee

“I’ve known and dealt with Simon and his business for a number of years. I’ve always found him to be reliable, honest, genuine and helpful. He follows through on what he says” – Suzanne Brown, Etienne Lawyers

This is important because, in business, your character infiltrates everything you do. At least that’s what the experts say,

“Your Business is nothing more than a Reflection of who you are” – Michael E. Gerber

Practice constant learning

Despite his years of experience Simon knows he still has a lot more to learn, so he gains valuable insight by belonging to various business groups, he’s inspired by reading good business books and he likes meeting successful business people like Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, and Mark Bouris of Yellow Brick Road.

Get a great outcome

Simon eagerly began his business career as a young boy and that desire to excel and serve has stayed with him ever since. He continues to diligently commit himself to business excellence and that means a win for both Boxes for Business and for people just like you, who may need cardboard boxes and packaging supplies, who just want to be treated with respect and don’t want to be stuffed around.

So, why not check us out and see what Simon and his team can do for you?


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